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The Perfect Children

The Perfect Children are the romp and stomp; the fresh wound of broken love; laughing in spite of pain. They are a girl with something to say and a boy to help deliver the message, cathartic but engaging. Their energy is infectious, the notes ring out and the space between is an emotional exhalation-personal but vague. They live at the intersection of Holly Golightly, Dex Romweber, Nina Simone, Al Green and Otis Redding. They are a duo out of neccessity for the simplicity of the sound, not bandwagon hoppers. They play from the gut, heart, and soul and are rough, raw, and real. They will guilt trip you into getting outta your seats, their dirty showcase further punctuated by 2 backing vocalists who aid in lifting the stage off the floor and blowing the doors off the joint. To quote Little Richard, they will curl up under your big toe.

Earlier Event: November 24
Grateful Saturday with Jerry's Little Band