Who Is Lucius Q?

The city of Cincinnati was named in honor of a man named Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519-430 BC). A Roman aristocrat and statesman, Cincinnatus was highly regarded for his leadership abilities and selfless sacrifice. His stories are legendary. Seriously. Just Google him.

But, here’s the thing. Despite his lofty stature among the upper crust of Roman aristocracy, he was just a regular dude. Some would even say he was the original dude. He wore his slippers in public and kept a beat up Fender Lyre in the back seat of his chariot. He could totally shred the Eddie Van Halen solo from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

When Lucius was called out of retirement to lead the Roman army against the invading Aequi army, he immediately dug a pit in the ground, hit the farmer’s market for some pork and beef, and proceeded to smoke enough meat to feed an army…literally. They ate. They flossed. They took a quick nap, and then they marched off to face their foe. Legend has it that the Aequi trembled in fear of the blood-red war paint on the faces of Lucius’ men. History would later teach us it was only barbecue sauce.

Anywho, Lucius and his men whupped the invaders. As thanks for saving their butts, the Roman Senate offered Lucius a full dictatorship over the Roman Empire. He gave it some thought, of course, but decided that really wasn’t his thing. He just wanted to help his community then go back to smokin’ brisket.

Twenty-five hundred years later in Pendleton – a proud neighborhood located in the heart of a modern city named for one of history’s greatest civic leaders – we find modern-day patriarchs and matriarchs giving of themselves so that they can make their community a better and safer place. We’re talking about guys like Jim Tarbell and Mr. Bubbles, women like Tabatha Anderson and Julie Fay, and so many others.

Pendleton is rich with human capital, and we honor that. So, for all those who came before us to serve their communities, this Q’s for you.

Hail Lucius! Hail Pendleton!

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